Social media impact on brands

With every opportunity there comes a challenge too. New age media or social media as it is termed is both an opportunity and challenge for brand managers and PR professionals. But social media is highly reactive, most of them vent their frustration towards a brand in state of anger by using hash tags thereby posing a threat to the brand. Now to manage this threat most brands have page managers who try to nullify the act by setting the record straight. First and foremost while doing this act one must ensure that the main agenda must be to engage the individual and avoid amplifying the issue. Like in any other crisis situation if the engagement is on a continual basis and addressed as per his/her needs the situation stays under control.

Many of us must have come across posts on social media wherein the disturbed user would have tagged the brand and used acronyms like “sucks”, “bad service”, “pathetic” and the likes. This largely happens when he is really disturbed and to add to it the customer care IVRS takes him long time to actually connect to the representative. Even then he doesn’t find a solution because the issue is not addressed. However here the brands must do adequate research on finding what the possible issues which may crop are and also indicative solutions.

With smartphones in every hand in today’s life all brands must be aware that social media will always remain a challenge for them. It is given to understand that people will only make noise when something goes wrong, good initiatives are not applauded in open. How many of us give a feedback when an issue is promptly addressed despite the brands giving the toll free numbers. I will give an instance here, I went to Domino’s counter on a weekend and placed an order but the man behind the counter said that the card machine is non operational. Now we had to go out draw cash and then place the order. In the meantime I was fast enough to tweet tagging Domino’s. By the time I reached home I had received a call from their call center apologizing and I was engaged on continual basis. They also sent me a discount coupon 30% for my next purchase. I thanked them tweeting them back with tag. Moral of the story is that brands must engage with the estranged party and avoid spillover. But we all know it costs to engage but the investment is worth it. One can’t be doing damage control on every crisis, we must create word of mouth brand ambassadors by an act of responsibility and concern. Finally a tip to the brand user, knee jerk reaction to any brand will not go well every-time. There are SOP’s in place just follow it and responsible brands do act in their own interest. One bad experience cannot be a reason for judging the brand wrong, give them chance they will overgrow your expectations.

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